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Yesterday, 04:05 AM
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Originally Posted by tunedwolf
Hey woodie,what can I say, I'm impressed...nice looking bike in the end. Those lights don't look like the twins I have on mine, what are they off of?
Why, Thank you! taken a lot of hours of graft. Needs a respray as it seems to have gained several different shades of the same blue over the years.

Dominator Twin Lights... see em in just about every website for bits. The ones on yours will be marked up as Aprillia units. Onity managed to get a set of the Dominators into a TCP (thats the one you've got) fairing.

Originally Posted by tunedwolf
I'll be dead honest here and say, I haven't a clue whether it is a full Nexxus system or not, or if someone just blagged a badge and put it on there, or indeed what a Nexxus system is. It looks like the silencer is welded to a 2into1 mild steel downpipe, don't know if that's normal or not, but at least it's not going to fall off I have yet to hear it fire, so it could be blowing like an old tart for all I know. Whatever it is, it certainly looks like stainless, so should clean up nicely and take a good shine!
It looks like a bit of a hybrid exhaust you got there. And I hate to say this but it looks like you are going to have fun with the header bolts. They are notorious for being rusted in.

Steel, Ally, heat and water... NOT a good mix.
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