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From: Nihilist   (Wed Mar 17 19:04:55 2004)
After a little face lift (the bike not me) it was time for a new picture!

From: Lev   (Thu Mar 18 08:04:31 2004)
Arrggh! time a little warning please, so i can get my sunglasses on ..or a welders mask..that really is quite shiney innit =D

From: Phlock   (Thu Mar 18 13:54:46 2004)
How do you keep your wheels sooooo clean? What do you do when you when you clean it to get it THAT Shiny??

From: Nihilist   (Thu Mar 18 14:25:10 2004)
Its called elbow grease and patients :D

From: AndyJ   (Thu Mar 18 14:51:46 2004)
Sombody has way too much time on her hands if she's scrubbing the wheels that hard. Are those 1 inch chicken strips I see on that front cover?

From: Phlock   (Thu Mar 18 17:26:22 2004)
Patients ???? why who's ill???

From: Nihilist   (Thu Mar 18 23:32:27 2004)
Phlock...its kept inside thats why its in reasonable nic ;) Andy my wheels aren't polished rims, therefore not so shiney as some :D.....and Ill think I'll ask my Rooster what a one incher is although that might be a bit personal?

From: AndyJ   (Mon Mar 22 01:06:23 2004)
It's not so much the rims are shiny as they're not plastered in oil from over-lubing the chain and general road crud. That might be some sort of confession...

From: Nihilist   (Mon Mar 22 10:49:07 2004)
I'll confess....Im addicted to polishing :(

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