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Garrys GS500E 97 50K

From: Nihilist   (Mon Jun 21 00:02:55 2004)
LOOK....he's nicked Phlocks fairing!!

From: Sean   (Mon Jun 21 21:41:38 2004)
Yeah, but doesn't it look better on Garry's bike! lol : )

From: Phlock   (Mon Jun 21 22:46:45 2004)
Oi It's the wrong colour, you're really pushin' it today boyo!

From: Nihilist   (Tue Jun 22 11:56:36 2004)
Sorry i agree....Im with Sean on this one.....Nice exhust garry, nice n shiny!!

From: essex_joe   (Wed Jun 23 14:28:24 2004)
i like the colour :) 50k on a 97 just goes to show mine still got some time left

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