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Sonics GS500e...Polished Rims, Nexxus Pipe, SV shock, Bellypan, BT45s, Raask Rearsets...

From: Phlock   (Mon Feb 23 07:27:43 2004)
need to get some nice stainless brake hoses to finish it off now Sonic!

From: Sean   (Tue Mar 2 17:26:21 2004)
Take no notice of Phil, JD. At least you have fork pre-load adjusters. lol

From: Sonic   (Thu Mar 4 11:32:41 2004)

From: Phlock   (Mon Mar 22 14:11:42 2004)
I don't know you try to give constructive comments, and you just get jipped over pre-load envy!!!!

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