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Just saying hi...
Member location:Somewhere on the border of Linconshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire. Even the postman doesnt know...

From: Reno   (Fri Apr 2 11:13:22 2004)
...that you are an evil evil man

From: Steve   (Fri Apr 2 14:36:53 2004)
I should warn you as a concerned member, that your number plate is illegal. You need to have clear lettering otherwise you will get pulled over.

From: Reno   (Sat Apr 3 13:54:14 2004)
Steve, does that stand for Stephanie?

From: Jonathan   (Wed Apr 7 22:55:00 2004)
Can we save the family squabbles for the next reunion. I only wanted to show you the bike...

From: Reno   (Fri Apr 16 13:23:55 2004)
...before you crash it?

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