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From Jim Knopf/Germany. My Bike for sison 04 not already finished.

From: Sean   (Sun Apr 25 22:56:08 2004)
Damn! I want it!!! *drool*

From: Schoolie   (Wed Apr 28 15:00:30 2004)
Wow - what is that back end off? The tyre looks massive - and that rear subframe is just art :D Mmm, I feel a need to polish my casings now!

From: Jim Knopf / Germany   (Thu Apr 29 20:47:38 2004)
The back end is from Buell. The Tyres: Front:120/70-17, Rear:200/50-17, theFront End: GSXR, Swingarm: 1200 Bandit

From: Jim Knopf/ Germany   (Mon May 17 18:45:20 2004)
Hi. Allready finished at end of this month.

From: RogueLeader-gs5   (Tue May 18 02:17:20 2004)
First of all....Jim, excellent build!!! I must say this is some of the nicest mods I've seen on a GS. But do tell, what am I in for trying to fit that same size rim&tire; setup on my bike? I have a 96 that I have only had for 3 months, so needless to say I'm new to the GS scene, but I have, working with Bob Broussard, already installed stainless brake lines, V&H; nickle plated exhaust system, clamp-on bars w/ bar end mirror, racetech front springs & gsxr rear shock, 15 tooth front sprocket, eliminated rear fender & custom mounted license plate, installed custom flamed bandit tire hugger, cutoff rear peg brackets and fab'd a custom exhaust hanger bracket. If you could E-mail me or post it,I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for raising the bar. Now I won't be able to sleep for days. (ha-ha)

From: Jim Knopf / Germany   (Tue May 18 17:06:53 2004)
Hi. Thats too much to explain here. Send me a email to: [email protected] and I try to explain you.

From: Jim Knopf / Heidelberg / Germany   (Sat Jul 10 02:29:15 2004)
Servus, new Pics from the Z1000 Exhaust on my bike coming on Monday. Greetz Jim

From: Nigel / [email protected] / Dublin IRL   (Wed Aug 4 22:27:24 2004)
Love the fighter. if you can will you send me details about the front end. fittint it etc. thanks. and again, love the bike.

From: Jim Knopf / Heidelberg / Germany   (Thu Aug 5 16:01:44 2004)
Servus, look in the Forum under How To the Installation from Sean. Its the same USD Front End as mine. Here:;=1274 Greetz Jim

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