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Madmax's CBR600f

From: [email protected]   (Tue Sep 28 11:29:36 2004)
hi dad i am at school ur bike is rubbish lol only joking c ya later mitch

From: phlock   (Tue Sep 28 14:01:04 2004)
I like that kid...........

From: Kawa   (Wed Sep 29 23:23:11 2004)
Lol wots the school system coming to? Top bike like the pipe

From: [email protected]   (Fri Dec 3 14:41:57 2004)
reuspecta dad me main man blud ya bike is rubbish blud check da noz on da side ov his bike bluerz u want a fight bring it on lol lol lol :):):):):):):) dont cry :::):):):):):):)

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