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Me and my new plaything
Member location:Leeds

From: Nihilist   (Wed Oct 27 18:27:34 2004)
Oooooo! nothing like a man in leather....even yellow leather!! :P

From: phlock   (Thu Oct 28 15:26:59 2004)
now, now dear no need to get excited, it's only Hodgy!

From: FRANK BOZIC   (Fri Oct 29 16:27:05 2004)
Hey, a little fat, hummm, but hey the moto is pretty!!!

From: Hodgy   (Thu Nov 11 15:34:20 2004)
"A little fat" I'll have you know thats the padding in me jacket ;)

From: Phlock   (Thu Nov 11 16:33:50 2004)
You tell him hodgy!

From: Nihilist   (Fri Nov 12 20:38:19 2004)
Its called Luuurrrrve padding ;P

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