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MY sunday bike
Member location:uckfield

From: phlock   (Wed Mar 10 11:57:10 2004)
who is MY???? come on guys and gals we're nor phsycic!!!

From: Sean   (Wed Mar 10 18:33:57 2004)
Who's is it then?!!

From: 955matt   (Wed Mar 10 19:52:11 2004)
Hi guys sorry new member,hope you dont mind me posting photos of my other bike on here but dont have any of my GS yet, will get a photo on here asap. Matt

From: Lev   (Wed Mar 10 20:37:53 2004)
All bikes and riders are welcome here Matt ;) , Sweet bike mate

From: Frank Bozic   (Fri Mar 12 20:54:15 2004)
Hey, it�s great!!! it�s not a GS but we know the next moto will be!!!! go ahead fellas!

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