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Cenobite's GS500
Member location:Warwickshire, UK

From: Cenobite   (Fri Nov 21 16:28:41 2003)
I dont own this any more :( although the cam chain went on so its not a runner at the moment.... poor thing...

From: Lev   (Fri Nov 21 23:05:53 2003)
*looks about for the FJ.. =D

From: Cenobite   (Wed Dec 3 13:13:30 2003)
Sorry its there now, I didnt know about this spangley gallery thing... Looking good mate :) Apparently this GS is back on the road again soon, the engine wasnt so bad (the mechanic was just slow to check) and the work can be done without replacing the engine... See the lil green thing back on a road near you soon! :D

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