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Joris's heavily modified GS
Member location:Holland

From: [email protected]   (Fri Apr 23 22:30:07 2004)
Love your bike. Can you tell me what make your fairing is please? regards Patricia Berman U.K.

From: [email protected]   (Mon Sep 6 02:49:47 2004)
I think your bike looks ace too, would love to know what make your fair is tho, as I think it looks so good. I have a blue GS myself. Cheers!

From: [email protected]   (Mon Dec 27 19:09:54 2004)
Luv ur bike too dude! It looks like you replaced the rear wheel. I myself installed a rear 89 GXSR 750 r/wheel also, quite simple w/minor mod's. By the way is that a 600 fairing? Cheers from NJ USA.

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