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Levs GS500
Member location:Room 4, Madame Whiplash's house of disrepute
Hertfordshire, UK

From: Lev   (Sat Nov 8 22:52:45 2003)

From: Rich   (Thu Dec 25 19:32:08 2003)
Is that the "new" shape GS? Also, it's got a full fairing!!! And it has got TWIN exhausts!!! (I love twin exhausts)

From: [email protected]   (Thu May 20 15:25:20 2004)
where did u get that exhaust please email me and let me know

From: [email protected]   (Sun Sep 12 06:06:39 2004)
I would like to know if you can order that twin exhaust, or did you have it custom made?...thanks

From: Administrator (admin)   (Sun Sep 12 06:41:18 2004)
The System was made by Predator Exhaust Systems in Welwyn Garden City and was a custom one off , with all the hassles they had making it , im not sure they would make another , but you can always ask =) ~ Lev

From: Rich   (Wed Sep 15 21:41:42 2004)
That bike looks gorgeous - just look at the bars (great riding position), the fairing, the seat, the overall shape - It just invites you to jump on it and go for a ride!!

From: alex   (Sun May 1 00:30:54 2005)
what make of fairing is that?

From: Phlock   (Mon May 9 12:57:32 2005)
It's a TCP Elliptical fairing

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