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Phil's Spring BBQ '04

Progressive springs installed... whats next...!

From: Phlock   (Sun May 9 22:38:16 2004)
Mirror spacers so I can see past me elbows!

From: Kawa   (Mon May 10 10:19:33 2004)
Levs forgotton to put a bit back and is wondering if Phil will notice if he chucks it over the fence

From: Sonic   (Mon May 10 12:19:21 2004)
Levs just realised that hes put fork oil in his burger and ketchup in the forks...Nuts

From: Phlock   (Mon May 10 12:51:56 2004)
Well they are both red!

From: Lev   (Tue May 11 01:06:49 2004)
Nahh, i was just informing Phil that all work comes with a full 300 yard warranty =D

From: Sonic   (Wed May 12 01:13:03 2004)
=D Thats better than my local dealer provides...and they do use ketchup instead of fork oil!

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