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Phil's Spring BBQ '04

The Maestro at work.*
Viewed: 116 times.
"I'm NOT wearing a pinny!"
Viewed: 115 times.
Looks like rain!*
Viewed: 100 times.
This must be the place!*
Viewed: 99 times.
Already filling up...*
Viewed: 110 times.
Woz sampling the tucker!*
Viewed: 110 times.
Noodle doing the same!*
Viewed: 89 times.
Biker banter*
Viewed: 106 times.
Our Chief Whip! : )*
Viewed: 104 times.
Admin staff standing in the shadows!*
Viewed: 109 times.
Everyone enjoying themselves*
Viewed: 100 times.
And another...*
Viewed: 111 times.
... and another*
Viewed: 104 times.
Noodle joins the throng*
Viewed: 102 times.
Kawa takes "Shiniest Bike" award *
Viewed: 123 times.
Phil gets an award too...
Viewed: 86 times.
... for "Verbal Diarrhoea"!*
Viewed: 96 times.
Lev wasn't left out! : )*
Viewed: 119 times.
Squeeze in everyone!*
Viewed: 139 times.
Kawa's "Shiniest Bike"*
Viewed: 112 times.
So clean... the polish was still wet!
Viewed: 99 times.
A worthy winner
Viewed: 95 times.
Progressive springs installed... whats next...!*
Viewed: 109 times.
This was on a Tree on the main road A2 size!*
Viewed: 107 times.
Just chatting*
Viewed: 85 times.
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