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Phil's Spring BBQ '04

Group photo 1st attempt, where's the hostess?
Viewed: 56 times.
Viewed: 54 times.
Where, does this bit go?*
Viewed: 51 times.
Awwww sweet!*
Viewed: 54 times.
Please, Please let me have a go (said Joe)
Viewed: 43 times.
Bike Judging!*
Viewed: 62 times.
Just a little chat*
Viewed: 44 times.
Kawa attempting a bribe*
Viewed: 53 times.
Kawa meditating*
Viewed: 61 times.
Kawa gets his prize*
Viewed: 50 times.
Kawa's chuffed!
Viewed: 45 times.
Lev with his evil twin poster
Viewed: 42 times.
Hiding the black sheep
Viewed: 41 times.
the forks are almost done*
Viewed: 45 times.
Noodle's machine*
Viewed: 49 times.
Phlock and Skitz-o
Viewed: 42 times.
Phil gets a prize
Viewed: 41 times.
For verbal diarrhoea
Viewed: 42 times.
Cute kids
Viewed: 42 times.
Taking photos
Viewed: 49 times.
The badger badger line dance troupe
Viewed: 58 times.
Kids admiring the best bike!!!!!!!*
Viewed: 65 times.
Woz the barman
Viewed: 73 times.
What are Kawa and Joe doing to Bill?
Viewed: 92 times.
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