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Performance Bikes Rockingham 2004

Viewed: 292 times.
GS500E.CO.UK members at Rockingham
Viewed: 217 times.
And another

Viewed: 185 times.
Kar givin' it some on the GS500
Viewed: 211 times.
The RG250 experiencing problems already!
Last comment 02/19/04.
Viewed: 227 times.
Not looking good for the GSXR400!
Last comment 02/19/04.
Viewed: 222 times.
Rider change & re-fuel for the GS500
Viewed: 166 times.
Luke drops it in the kitty litter on turn 1!
Viewed: 164 times.
Luke about to get his knee down, PB style
Viewed: 161 times.
Kar aboard the GS
Viewed: 148 times.
Team BMF's GS500
Last comment 02/23/04.
Viewed: 206 times.
And another
Viewed: 157 times.
Kar leaving the pit
Viewed: 136 times.
Kar on the Start/Finish straight
Viewed: 135 times.
Simon doesn't look happy!
Last comment 02/19/04.
Viewed: 189 times.
GSXR held together with Gaffa tape!
Last comment 02/19/04.
Viewed: 190 times.
The RG limps into the pits!
Last comment 02/19/04.
Viewed: 176 times.
Victory for Team BMF!
Last comment 02/20/04.
Viewed: 179 times.
Luke celebrates... Rossi style
Viewed: 185 times.
The GS wins!
Viewed: 148 times.
GS500E.CO.UK members celebrate with Luke and Kar
Viewed: 176 times.
Celebratory burnout
Viewed: 156 times.
Say "cheese"
Viewed: 143 times.
Luke and Kar on the podium
Viewed: 195 times.
Champers all round!
Viewed: 172 times.
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