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Performance Bikes Rockingham 2004

Luke getting his knee down
Viewed: 121 times.
Luke wheelying his Monkey bike
Viewed: 102 times.
Luke looking pensive
Viewed: 68 times.
Our Luke gives the opposition's Dale a hand pushing their GSXR back to the pits
Viewed: 59 times.
The GS doin' what it does best... winning!
Viewed: 85 times.
The PB staff
Viewed: 79 times.
A forlorn Jamie, realising their GSXR is outta the running
Viewed: 67 times.
Bruce wheels the broken RGV back to the pits... It never stood a chance!
Viewed: 59 times.
Where all 2 stroke racers end up... in the pits!
Viewed: 86 times.
The GSXR team (left) are brought to tears at not winning. The RGV team (right) don't look too happy either! *
Viewed: 109 times.
Refuelling the GS
Viewed: 36 times.
The crowds begin to gather...
Viewed: 34 times.
The RGV... down, and well & truly out!
Viewed: 62 times.
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