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Rogues Gallery

Me on my old KR1S (2-stroke 250cc pocket rocket!) with my GS next to it in my (messy!)driveway.

From: mayz2010   (Sun Jan 11 23:09:34 2004)
i still have my pocket rockets a yamaha why 50cc, and korean pieace of crap hondo which i got just to help me pass my test :)

From: Cenobite   (Wed Jan 21 11:59:29 2004)
Another me, who is me? :)

From: Phlock   (Thu Jan 22 15:00:05 2004)
I think it's Schoolie but I'm not entirely sure......

From: Schoolie   (Wed Apr 28 14:43:21 2004)
Ah yes that would be me - sorry thought it put up the name of the person who posted the pic. Hehe. Sorry bout that peeps.

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