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After this pic.... It can only get better :-S
Description:Me @ My worst

From: Davedanger   (Sat Jan 29 21:32:23 2005)
Im blaming the camera for the 'My word what have u been on pic' but I thought if i post the worse life can only get better :-)

From: Nihilist   (Sat Jan 29 22:36:56 2005)
be careful of her she's aiming for your nostrils!!

From: Phlock   (Wed Feb 2 13:09:37 2005)
You look erm...a tad worse for wear there mate lol

From: Anon   (Sat Feb 5 19:45:58 2005)
Maybe she's just measured up! Thats what the gormless look is for. And she's smiling because inside she's laughing her head off?? Is this the real truth? :-0 :-)

From: Davedanger   (Tue Feb 8 09:35:13 2005)
Um..... Hey dont ask me!!! I thought I was in bed asleep all night :-S And this turns up in my camera in the morning and my head was rather sore :-P

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