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From: riceburnersgirl   (Mon Jun 7 15:22:17 2004)
He'd not long been out of bed, bless him LOL

From: Kawa   (Mon Jun 7 22:57:38 2004)
I hope you asked him who took his photo

From: riceburnersgirl   (Tue Jun 8 20:35:28 2004)
I took the pic with the camera on my phone, he thinks I deleted it LOL .. I did ask if it was ok to send in and he never said no ... might be because he's in the middle of the North Sea with no signal on his mobile ; )

From: A Very cheesed RiceBurner   (Sat Jul 3 14:44:37 2004)
And Now I'm Back!!!

From: riceburnersgirl   (Sun Jul 4 15:20:38 2004)
I am in soooo much trouble :(

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