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who is this??
Description:aww told you he was cute!!

From: phlock   (Fri Sep 3 13:28:50 2004)
I'm guessin it's riceburner the paratrooper!

From: mini riceburner   (Fri Sep 3 22:50:00 2004)
you guessed right.he's always had a penchance for dressing up!!!

From: Riceburner500   (Sat Sep 4 12:52:46 2004)
This pic just goes to show how divine i really am!!! God is airborne, My Father is airborne therefore i am the son of God!!

From: mini riceburner   (Mon Sep 6 19:48:01 2004)
Jeebus boy you dont think very highly of yourself then!!

From: LunaUK   (Wed Sep 8 23:13:32 2004)
awwwww Riceburner ain't changed much .... he still loves dressing up in Uniforms and is sooooo damn cute :)

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