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...This is what happens! :(

From: Sean   (Mon Mar 8 22:25:24 2004)
He only came round to check my plug gaps!

From: Nihilist   (Tue Mar 9 11:44:50 2004)
I take it he at least paid for your bus ticket home Sean?

From: Phlock   (Tue Mar 9 15:17:52 2004)
This might sound like a silly question, but why didn't you tell him to sod off and dismantle his own just asking :-)

From: Sean   (Tue Mar 9 18:02:08 2004)
Thankfully this was all done in my garage... so didn't need the bus fare. And Phil, Lev's the boss. If he says my bike's comin' to bits, who am I to argue?! lol

From: Phlock   (Wed Mar 10 11:53:57 2004)
Aaahhhhh Well that explains it then (grovel, beg etc)

From: The Boss   (Wed Mar 10 20:34:39 2004)
Haha, you guys =D..looks like another first to me , the gs500 unicycle =P

From: Sonic   (Fri Mar 12 22:47:21 2004)
Can I test it?

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