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Sean's dream bike
Description:'84 GSX750S3 Katana

From: dangerous bri   (Sun Mar 14 21:12:52 2004)
someone with taste

From: cammo   (Wed May 12 10:11:22 2004)
got one. 'tis nice, but soon to be ratted.

From: [email protected]   (Tue Dec 7 17:32:29 2004)
I have #190 of 200 Canadian limited edition. Suzuki brought this bike to Canada for their tenth year of commemoration. I wouldn't mind knowing where I can get a hold of the European signal lenses. Also the switch for the retractable headlamp is something that has driven me nuts since I bought this bike. In canada the headlamp automatically comes on when the ignition is turned on, defeating the purpose of having a light of this nature. Our laws of the time specified that the signal lamps must be at least one foot away from the brake and headlamp. So Canada has these dorky looking signals that hang out. If you want a picture or two hack me back. nice to see a site like this. andrew

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