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Servus, my new rear frame for the saison 05. Greetz Jim
Description:Jim Knopf / Heidelberg / Germany

From: Sean   (Wed Feb 2 17:32:20 2005)
Perhaps a little too minimalist?!!!

From: Jim Knopf / Heidelberg / Germany   (Wed Feb 2 18:08:59 2005)
Servus Sean, I don�t think so! Greetz Jim

From: Hodgy   (Wed Feb 2 18:13:54 2005)
Erm, I think someone nicked the back of your bike.

From: Riceburner500   (Sat Feb 5 19:40:42 2005)
Congrats Jim. i like it! Keep up the great work!!

From: Woodie   (Tue Feb 8 08:00:20 2005)
OW OW OW OW.. Bum pain inevitable....

From: Phlock   (Wed Mar 2 16:05:48 2005)
Bum pain? just think of the poor mans testes if he has to do an emergency stop OW!

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