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Jim Knopf / Heidelberg / Germany
Description:Not allready finished my Bike for the saisson04

From: wera90ex@aol.com   (Thu Aug 19 13:56:18 2004)
Nice bike Jim Chek out http://lizardking.8k.comphoto5.html

From: Jim Knopf / Heidelberg / Germany   (Fri Aug 20 08:48:07 2004)
I can�t see nothing on:lizardking.8k.comphoto5.html Greetz Jim

From: wera90ex@aol.com   (Thu Aug 26 23:44:58 2004)
Jim I have right side ignition covers for sale as seen on http://gstwins.com cnc machined 7075 aluminum high polished . Interested?, Rich

From: Jim Knopf /Heidelberg/Germany   (Mon Aug 30 11:18:37 2004)
Servus Wera, I need no covers for the ignation side. I make new one in makrolon with Leds. Greetz Jim

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