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Hunstanton 2004

Moonbase Alpha!
Viewed: 38 times.
Official Support Vehicle
Viewed: 31 times.
Riceburner's GS
Viewed: 34 times.
Another one of Simon's GS
Viewed: 37 times.
Simon's hi-fi set-up
Viewed: 29 times.
Lev, Sean and Simon discussing 'important stuff'...
Viewed: 34 times.
... Such as, "Where's the best ice-cream?"
Viewed: 34 times.
Note the well equipped tool-kit!
Viewed: 33 times.
Simon explains the merits of fitting neon tubes to his bike...
Viewed: 40 times.
... Lev looks on, jealous his doesn't light up blue!
Viewed: 37 times.
Zoe partaking of the alcohol... medicinal purposes only you understand!
Viewed: 39 times.
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