Why ?

This site was formed originally for the GS500, there are some fantastic sites on the web for the GS500 but nothing really in the United Kingdom so the idea was sown and this site is the fruit of that idea, but although this site is fairly new, we found that more and more people that came to visit were riders of all types of machines...

Who ?

This site is run and maintained by myself "Leveller" aka Colin and my partner in crime "Sean" aka Sean =P

Why the hell is there a plastic card on my bike ?? i dont even ride a GS500!!

Good question! although this site was originally planned to be a GS500e site we found that more and more of our visitors/members rode anything but GS's! So Sean and myself discussed where the site was heading and we came up with the same thought..At the very heart of this site its not really about GS500's but about riders , you, me, the guy down the road with 916 Ducati, the girl next door thats just passed her bike test. This site is about chatting in the pub over a pint, sitting at a bike rally watching the world go by, who won what at the Superbikes championships, a group of friends heading to Matlock or the Ace Cafe for the day..Riders..Its all about Riders..

What are you selling ?

Bugger all!..well.. ok.. maybe a sticker or T shirt or something , but that will be to cover the running costs of the site and not to fund my luxury villa in the Bahamas..ill save that for next year =D

Where do i sign up?

Click the "Forums" button on the left hand side of this page and register, its quite painless and it wont ask you anything confidential, the only thing it does require is a legit E-Mail address and a user name of your choosing, it really is that simple