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6th June 2010, 09:52 PM
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Hi All..havent been on for a while since I acquired my gs500e back in the winter.i decided to do a winter project with this bike .i bought it with a screeching noise coming from the top end and this was reflected in the price I paid. Cosmetically, this 500e is in good nick with 23k on the clock and its nice to ride.this screeching noise pointed to the camchain so I replaced it.the screeching noise continued so i replaced the camchain tensioner,twice!! The noise continued so I checked the blades,the revcounter drive, the chain ,the valve cover roof,the shims,the inlet and exhaust camshafts for tightness and proper seating ,the inlet and exhaust rubbers and manifolds for gas tight fit,.the noise is coming from the top end.the bike starts first time,ticks over well and pulls fine but at around the 3k mark the screech kicks in.Its not deafening but its audible and does not fade away until below say 3k or thereabouts.Ive had the top end down 3 times now and its cost me a fortune in top end gasket sets but still the sreech persists.Ive also had the head out and the valves out and recut .the shims seem ok and I think Iam going to end up on tablets if dont beat this thing!! Anyone any ideas Please!!! Paul..
7th June 2010, 09:05 PM
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Try lubing the rev counter drive.
We had a worrying screech which would start at high revs and then suddenly stop when the engine revs fell below a couple of thousand.
Pinned it down to the rev counter drive cable. Disconnected the cable from the drive on the cylinder head and greased the metal end of the inner cable - Sorted!
Yesterday, 08:29 PM
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thanks mate.Ive looked at that and we think its not the prob.At this moment Ive got it down again as I now think its a valve guide so all four are being replaced!

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