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Levs GS500
Member location:Herts, UK

From: nille 66   (Mon Apr 12 16:30:53 2004)
Great Job Lev.

From: Nihilist   (Mon Apr 12 21:23:59 2004)
A fine example! {even tho half isnt a GS ;)}

From: Sonic   (Fri Apr 16 20:36:36 2004)
Disgusting, hideous, ruff, yuck...and other surch phrases that makes my bike feel better!

From: Pedro\Portugal   (Thu Aug 5 12:32:23 2004)
This looks fly...

From: Riceburner500   (Tue Oct 19 23:39:08 2004)
If only it was Red!!! Then it would of been a decent bike!

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