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Traded in my orange Firestorm for this beautiful blue Z750 :-)
Member location:Surrey

From: phlock   (Tue Nov 30 11:56:07 2004)
Nice one Firestorm, it's the same colour as oldreds GPZ! and congrats again on the weddign mate !

From: bill   (Tue Nov 30 17:05:18 2004)
Whats the Z like then, oh and getting married

From: FireStorm   (Tue Nov 30 20:52:55 2004)
Can only say that it's a great bike with good handling with the standard setup and a excellent motor. And all that for a very reasonable price :-) You really should get yourself a test ride!

From: FireStorm   (Tue Nov 30 20:54:25 2004)
Oh... and getting married is very nice as well ;-) Can only recommend it.

From: Nihilist   (Tue Nov 30 23:51:38 2004)
OOoooOOOoo Yum!!!

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