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And a final one... Great bike! Love it :-)
Member location:Surrey

From: Nihilist   (Tue Nov 30 23:52:53 2004)
If you ever get bored I'll take it off your hands }:D

From: FireStorm   (Wed Dec 1 06:58:45 2004)
I'll keep that in mind but it might take a looong time. It's just sooo much fun :-)

From: bill   (Sun Dec 5 20:46:53 2004)
Whats the ride like,some people seem wary of Kwakas, I fancy one with a half fairing.

From: FireStorm   (Tue Dec 7 20:34:46 2004)
Bill, The ride is great even from new without any tweaking. Had it on the track at Rockingham and had great fun with it there as well. No problems so far since I got it in August. Can only recommend you get a test ride and try for yourself ;-)

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