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Phil's Spring BBQ '04

Squeeze in everyone!

From: Sonic   (Mon May 10 10:06:19 2004)
I dont remember Joe being that short...

From: Cherrybomb   (Mon May 10 14:22:57 2004)
What a good photo - and even looks like the sun was shining then :-)

From: Lev   (Tue May 11 01:03:05 2004)
He wasnt JD, but he had been attacked by Werewolfs while crossing ilkley moor =O

From: Phlock   (Tue May 11 13:39:06 2004)
Front Row: Chantelle, Morgaine, Essex_werewolf, Sarah, Tiegan and Phil Back Row: Zoe, Sean, Noodle, Kawa, Bill, Lorna (Cherrybomb), Mat, Woz, Skitz-O, Hodgy and Lev

From: Sonic   (Wed May 12 01:11:32 2004)
Cheers there would be a logical explanation!

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