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Yellow Wolf and other half.... bet that surprised you!!!

From: Kawa   (Tue May 11 10:10:51 2004)
Yep your not yellow and your not a wolf

From: Woz   (Wed May 12 10:30:27 2004)
'Tis a beautiful thing.

From: Yellow Wolf   (Sat May 15 03:09:31 2004)
Only a wolf in cover of darkness...

From: Chunkielad   (Thu Jun 3 16:39:03 2004)
Yeah you are no where near hairy enough to be a wolf!!!

From: essex_joe   (Tue Jun 15 21:43:49 2004)
only suprized me not to see the fazer in the room out of the cold :)

From: woodie   (Thu Sep 30 13:07:47 2004)
Yeeuch... that's disgusting, should not be allowed to put on a public forum. do you actually Use that Ironing board ??? :o)

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