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Rogues Gallery

Mally riding a Donkey

From: Sonic   (Thu Sep 16 12:17:05 2004)
errr....Nevermind =D

From: Nihilist   (Fri Sep 17 00:59:22 2004)
Its not the riding position that I find strange....its where you got your hand? (:o

From: Mally   (Sat Sep 18 00:43:12 2004)
Had to hold on to something. :-)

From: Nihilist   (Wed Sep 22 14:22:22 2004)
I take it it was a male Donkey then :)

From: Sin´┐Żad   (Fri Nov 26 21:30:56 2004)
Do you know u are riding that dokey the wrong way round? and dont u feel a bit tight that something so defenceless should be inflicted with somebody so heavy on its back. Or are u just so horny u couldnt find anything else? tara cock

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