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A little Different...
Description:Not bike related , but i stumbled across this photo of a painting i did for a friend of mine , it measured 6 feet across point to point, the whole thing took about 3 days to paint using acrylics ~ Lev

From: Riceburner500   (Sat Sep 4 17:40:11 2004)
I take it your mate was a warhammer fan?!! Good Chaos Artwork!!

From: Lev   (Sat Sep 4 19:55:54 2004)
Yeah mate he was , had or still has a huge Chaos army =)

From: phlock   (Mon Sep 6 14:27:26 2004)
Eh eck! Tha's not just an ugly biker then?

From: Nihilist   (Mon Sep 6 20:42:10 2004)
WoW! you got some talent there matey....hope you still use it?!

From: noodle   (Tue Sep 14 15:27:05 2004)
Cool!! Better than my chaos icons... (yes another warhammer geek :))

From: woodie   (Thu Sep 16 16:02:55 2004)
Dark Elves rule.... Kick Kaos Butt.

From: Riceburner500   (Thu Oct 14 16:46:20 2004)
Bretonnians Rule the lot!! Fancy a drink from Morgiana Le Fay or Joust the Green Knight?

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