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Gawd this makes me feel old...=(
Description:Blimey this was taken in err... 1994 ish i think ..The handsome fellow on the left is our very own Roadrage (Phil) and yours truly on the right =D ~ Lev

From: phlock   (Mon Sep 6 14:28:23 2004)
Yeah but your hair was going even then mate!

From: Lev   (Mon Sep 6 17:58:59 2004)
*mental note* add moonie smiles to the gallery... >:(

From: Nihilist   (Mon Sep 6 20:43:25 2004)
had some burgers since then too ;P

From: Kawa   (Tue Sep 14 13:15:25 2004)
was this taken before or after givin the mods a good pastin.

From: Kawa   (Tue Sep 14 23:48:03 2004)
Thats a bit of a monster right hand

From: hj   (Fri Sep 24 09:16:42 2004)
" Thats a bit of a monster right hand" All The better to murder the throttle with, Right Lev??

From: RoadRage   (Sun Oct 3 23:23:24 2004)
Erm Lev ! You know all pics of me are copyrighted !!! i expect the royaltys in the mail ya bugger!

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