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Description:First time on a TT600. The one that started it all! NEC 2002

From: [email protected]   (Wed Jan 21 11:47:42 2004)
Pretty bike, very pretty girl.

From: Sean   (Wed Jan 21 14:07:32 2004)
Looks like I've got competition! lol :)

From: [email protected]   (Thu Jan 22 09:22:19 2004)
Shwing! ,she's a babe! ,is she single? ps probably best we dont mention this to penelope

From: Sonic   (Thu Jan 22 15:46:14 2004)
Sean...get yer gun =D

From: JAMES   (Tue Apr 13 22:48:26 2004)
Adele's loving the colour co-ordination (the boots to the top, typical!)

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