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Well once you start upgrading...

From: bill   (Fri Sep 24 21:32:39 2004)
So this is Sonic's new toy

From: Nihilist   (Fri Sep 24 22:06:11 2004)
Thats very Yummy N Shiny.....if it is Sonic' yerself some money man and get it off the double yella's!! :P

From: Sonic   (Sat Sep 25 00:59:43 2004)
Smart ass =D (oh, and yes it is mine)

From: Hodgy   (Sat Sep 25 10:05:31 2004)
Very nice m8, but just how did you mod the GS to look like this?

From: essex_joe   (Sat Sep 25 22:34:19 2004)
you had to go one better than my gpx750, but bet yours cos a bit more than mine ( big grin) mine only �600

From: Pedro/Portugal   (Wed Sep 29 16:32:15 2004)
NICE!!!! i bet u scare the hell of your riding mates just by whispering the gas!! :=)))

From: bill   (Sat Oct 2 22:33:06 2004)
And to think,we knew Sonic when he was nobody

From: Sonic   (Fri Oct 8 00:54:08 2004)
She doesnt like town and shes not a fan of long distance...but she wasnt built for that, she was built for speed and that she does amazingly!!!

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