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Bill's CB500

From: Nihilist   (Tue Mar 9 11:49:03 2004)
Its not ugly thing about them is that they are bloody comfy!!

From: Phlock   (Tue Mar 9 15:09:38 2004)
Aye, Bill needs a comfy bike he is getting old.......:-)

From: Sean   (Tue Mar 9 19:16:26 2004)
*OUCH!* Don't worry Bill, I'll hold him down, you can punch him! :)

From: phlock   (Wed Mar 10 11:58:41 2004)
***sounds of Phil running away*****

From: Frank Bozic   (Fri Mar 12 20:51:56 2004)
Hey, it�s not so ugly, a little, but not much!!! go ahead old Bill!!!

From: Pedro\Portugal   (Thu Aug 5 12:24:22 2004)
This is a nice bike, and as hard as this is to say, its faster than a GS... but its definetly uglier, dont say it isn�t just to be nice! cheers

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